orcas attacks boats

Type C killer whales in the Ross Sea in the Southern Ocean: The eye patch slants forward. WIKIPEDIA

Why are the Orcas tremendous actions against boats causing concern?

There were similar incidents in 2018 when sailors and fishermen reported attacks by pods of orcas, ramming the boats

Orcas in the Strait of Gibraltar are baffling scientists who are asking why are the killer whales attacking sailing boats!

The attacks took place near Portugal and Spain and stretching from the Galicia and the Strait of Gibraltar.

There has been several distress calls in the region, with sailors scrambling for help.

Two of the boats, says Nature World News had their part of their rudders lost.

A crew member sustained bruises in one of the ramming impact. Many other ship registered severe damage.


On July 29, July 29, nine orcas surrounded a 46-foot delivery vessel and rammed its hull for more than an hour.

The spin the vessel around up to 180 degrees, which disabled its engine and broke its rudder.

In another incident, the ramming had such a massive force that it almost dislocated a helmsman’s shoulder.

While orcas are known to follow boats and show interest in their rudders, they are not known for ramming into them.

They are largest dolphins and are social, highly intelligent.

There were some incidents back in 2018 where fishermen and sailors reported attacks by orcas.

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