US in cyberwar v/s Iran after strike on Saudi oil

Trump has shown so far he is not in favour of an all-out war against anybody, unlike past American warmonger presidents. Will this change?

President Donald Trump tested Iran with a cyber attack, trying Iran’s cybersecurity defences. Though it is not a military strike, the cyberwar can lead to a hot war.

This can change everything in Trump’s Middle East policy and in the country’s foreign affairs direction.

Last month there was a strike on key Saudi oil facilities, which many Western countries blamed on the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Iran has rejected the accusations but a group of fighters in Yemen said the strike on Saudi oil facilities was a must, a sign of Teheran’s knowledge of the strike. That is Iran must have known of the Houthis or other rebel group’s actions before it took place.

The cyber strike shows Trump was careful not to spark a military conflict with Iran. The Trump administration has so far been trying to counter Iran with soft gloves.

“It highlights how [US] President Donald Trump’s administration has been trying to counter what it sees as Iranian aggression without spiralling into a broader conflict,” a report published by The Times of Israel said.

No War Actions

However, we believe the Turkish offensive in Syria will dampen America’s attempts to undermine Iran.

The Turkish action has taken the heat away from Teheran, which is moving forward with its heavy water treatment in its nuclear processing plants.

This is something the US does not want to see happening because it fears the Iranians are secretly building a nuclear bomb.

Russia is already moving its forces in some territories the US army abandoned in Syria. This will keep the Turkish government away from the Russian-occupied land.

We believe the Americans will now focus on stopping a full-fledge Turkish invasion of the Kurdish lands in Syria.

All this will keep the Pentagon busy with plans that do not concern Iran in the immediate scenario. But it all depends on how Iran will handle the situation.

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