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Mauritius is rocked by anti-government rallies and sources say some groups are feeling threatened by these rallies

Social Groups call for Civil War In Mauritius

Using WhatsApp and Facebook, the groups are urging Hindus to acquire guns and machetes to fight back against other communities

A WhatsApp is calling Mauritians of a religious group to start a civil war in peaceful Mauritius.

The messages are from a group called ‘Har Har’ posted on Facebook and circulating widely on WhatsApp.

The discussion in the WhatsApp group is full of religious bigotry, urging the members to arm themselves for a ‘civil war’.

The discussion is mostly about the Muslims whom the members are told are heavily armed in Mauritius.

Zinfos Moris, a news portal, says social activist Ramjuttun Moher, known as Dhiren is a member of the Har Har group.

Sources told WFTV.LIVE some groups feel threatened by the rallies against the oil spill which are uniting Muslims and the General Population


However, Mr Dhiren denied any involvement in the messages circulating in the movement’s WhatsApp group.

Har Har is a Hindi word and in full it is ‘Har Har Mahadev’ and used by Hindus as a war-cry.

Screenshots of the messages made their way to Facebook Messenger on Friday. They went viral in Mauritius during the weekend.

WhatsApp is a company owned by Facebook and the people causing racial tensions in Mauritius are using both platforms.

Facebook is not taking any actions against racist posts or against posts attacking other faiths in Mauritius.

It says its ‘community standards’ approve of the attacks and vile campaign against other communities in Mauritius.

All this sounds like Facebook has somebody who is handling the Mauritius account and is a player in the spread of hate speech in the country!


The group members say in the messages they are in full support of Prime Minister Pravind Jugnauth.

The screenshots of the ‘civil war’ messages are circulating on WhatsApp and Facebook

“The ‘Mister’ has to feel he got our support and feels in security,” says a message in the group chat.

The messages are in Creole, the dialect that all Mauritians speak.

But the person who sent the message of support to the PM also says, “too bad my contact at the Caserne Central is now pensioned.”

The Caserne Central is the HQ of the Police force in Mauritius.

Some Hindu groups, sources say, are unhappy with the massive rallies uniting Muslims and Christian minorities.

The rallies are in protest of the failures of the current government to handle the Wakasio oil spill.

The group organising the rallies, which is attracting huge crowds despite denials by some, are also asking for Pravind Jugnauth to resign.

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