Should Malaysia follow S.Korea’s tactics with roadside COVID tests?

Malaysia is saying it expects a rise in number of infected citizens, urging people to remain indoor but an aggressive testing could unmask more cases

“We’d like you to get tested for coronavirus.” — People were told in South Korea’s streets.

And that is how it began.

And it was in the early stages of the COVID19 outbreak. In South Korea, the free test is done in 10 minutes.

People are stopped at roadblocks and asked to take the test. They wait 10 minutes and the result is out.

With this strategy, South Korea put in place the world’s most aggressive coronavirus test program.

It organised roadblocks and drive-thru for COVID19 tests.


The question is whether Malaysia should do the same?

With this aggressive way of doing things, South Korea has tested one out of every 200 citizens.

The screening policy is credited with stopping the outbreak in South Korea.

In Malaysia, the Police and Army manning roadblocks in Kuala Lumpur will be armed with thermometers.


Supermarkets in Malaysia are also testing people with thermometers.

So far, we have not heard of cases from such tests!

But those who are tested at Malaysian roadblocks and are found to have a fever may be detained.

They may also be brought in for further health checks.

Malaysia is currently under an MCO from March 18 to April 14 following a rise of Covid-19 cases.

1 thought on “Should Malaysia follow S.Korea’s tactics with roadside COVID tests?

  1. Yes I agree Malaysia should follow south Korea and so more tests, and should have more policeman on the road, it should take it more seriously

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