Murder in Mauritius: Third man jailed in Farman’s death

The three men socialised with the Scottish woman, planned an attack on her house and killed her in front of her son in a gruesome murder

A third man has been jailed for his role in the murder of a Scottish woman in her home in Mauritius in 2017.

Janice Farman was killed in front of her son during a robbery in July 2017 and two men were charged last month.

They are Kamlesh Mansing, 27, and Anish Soneea, 20 and were convicted of Ms Farman’s murder. They got 33 and 23 years of jail respectively.

This time, it is Ravish Rao Fakhoo who got 18 years in prison by a judge in Port Louis.

He admitted to a lesser fatal injury charge with no intention to kill, the BBC says.

Saying he was sorry for the crime, Fakhoo admitted he held Ms Farman’s hands when she was being strangled.

Ravish Rao Fakhoo
Ravish Rao Fakhoo

The story of the murder of Ms Farman shocked the tiny Island nation.

In October, the Supreme Court in Port Louis heard Mansing met Janice through work and hatched a plot with two accomplices to rob her.

They socialised with her in the weeks before her death, planning to strike at her home in Albion.

During the attack, Mansing strangled Janice with wire before speeding off in her car with jewellery and clothes.

The attack took place in front of her son, Gavin, who saw them strangling his mother. They decided to kill her after she recognised one of the attackers.

Mrs Farman is from Clydebank, Dunbartonshire and moved to Mauritius in 2002.

She was managing director of IT firm PECS Data Services. She moved to Albion on the island’s west coast only a few months before she was killed.

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