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Paul Berenger with Navin Ramgoolam: Paul has a better chance of survival but he is squandering it with 'zougader' Navin

MMM is in need of tactical alliances

The MMM needs to listen to the people, study their needs and come up with a plan like it did in the 1970’s but can it?

An alliance of three parties in Mauritius to dislodge the corrupt MSM-ML-others? This sounds farfetched.

We can say it is not getting massive approval from the population. There are too many things wrong with the alliance.

First of all, it is composed of the leaders of three parties that have been tearing at each other.

In the current state of affairs in Mauritius, the MMM could play a better, bigger role. But it has to do a reality check.


Given the lukewarm response of the alliance on social media, it appears the three parties are heading for doom.

The biggest problem in the alliance between the MMM-Labour and PMSD is Navin Ramgoolam.

Rich, authoritarian and hunger for power. Mr Navin has brought the Labour Party to its knees. It is lucky the party won more seats than the MMM in the last elections.

Otherwise, it would be in dire straits. But winning more seats did not help the Labour to polish its image.

It is now in a power struggle that is not publicised, but people are asking questions.

First of all, why is there two Labour leaders in a meeting of three leaders? It is like a Football team playing with 12 men on the field?

As a matter of fact, we believe the ‘rapprochement’ between the MMM-Labour and PMSD has given the MSM new life.

It is like in the games you play on your phone where you get extra life if you do not fail or make mistakes.

The new opposition alliance is doing just that, giving more life to MSM.


At this moment, it appears the silent majority is not with the opposition parties. Not with the tri-partite alliance anyway.

The aim of the alliance is to dislodge the MSM from power. But they cannot do it as long as the MSM has a comfortable majority in Parliament.

We have said it before, the opposition has to break the alliance in power in order to make headway.

As long as this alliance of three parties think they can assemble the 63% of voters who voted for them together, they believe they can win.

It does not what way anymore. And they will soon learn it with the Village elections.

Our information is the constituencies 5-14 is already in the hands of the MSM. How will the alliance of three parties break this alliance?

A must-read. The recipes for change is not in a lost cause
such as the MMM-Labour-PMSD alliance

Quo Vadis MMM?

Where are you marching MMM? Where are you going with this alliance Paul Berenger?

You are simply giving Navin Ramgoolam a new life and giving the MSM more colours with this alliance.

There are more people who are against Navin in the country than you think. There are more Labour members who are fed-up with Navin.

Are you after the Labour cash that can pay for a bigger election campaign?

As a matter of fact, the MMM do not need this alliance. The MMM had to do one thing since the end of the elections: reconstruct.

But the party, like the Labour, is in low battery mode and a depleted stable.

What the MMM needs is a unique strategy. One that will put it in a better position in an electoral fight and will also get it more attention.

You will be asking me what other strategies there is but the alliance of three parties?

I would say you must listen to the people more and read more what we publish on WFTV.LIVE to get a clearer picture.

Nevertheless, here’s one tip: Do not proceed with the alliance idea with the Labour until the party decides who will represent them in the meetings.

It is a joke, and the people are talking about it, that Arvind Boolell is among the three leaders. Then why not the deputy leader of the MMM and deputy-leader-cum-family-member of Xavier Duval also?

If you can’t get this right, you are going where MMM?

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