Lailah vetted drivers

The company has been in operation for the past two years

Lailah offers vetted drivers with the click of a button

The company says its service comes in handy for those in need of a driver to handle their cars particular with the rise in drink driving

Ever been in a situation when you’ve driven your car to work then joined your friends at a restaurant for a few drinks?

Here, it wouldn’t be convenient to call an e-hailing service to get you home as you would need to retrieve your car the next day, so this is where Lailah comes in.

Featuring only the most well-vetted and experienced drivers able to drive high-end cars i.e. BMW 7 series, Vellfires, Lamborghinis, etc.

“So, whether you need a personal driver to get you in your own car back after a night out or if you need a corporate driver to drive you or your bosses around for company functions, we’ve got you covered,” says a media release from the company.

At present, the on-demand driver service is available throughout the Klang Valley, Penang and JB.

“After having a few drinks at a restaurant, some folks might feel a little brave and they might try to drive home despite not being in the right state of mind.

“This is a really short-sighted thing to do and if the police catches you, you risk a fine of at least RM20000 and a jail sentence according to the recently passed Amended Road Transport Act.

For most people this can be a life-changing experience and it could ruin many things such as your reputation and your career.”  says Paul Jovi, Managing Director of Lailah.


Jovi adds with the recent increase of drink-driving in the country, Lailah has been working hard in our own ways to tackle and curb this troublesome behaviour via letting more people know about our service and collaborating with restaurants.

“It’s just not worth it to drink and drive, and we need to further educate the public about alternative services that will keep them safe and ensure the safety of others while on the road,” he says.

Lailah offers a manual booking approach at the moment. Customers simply need to call or WhatsApp the hotline numbers at 013-4962929 and 013-6282929.

From there, a Lailah operator will handle all enquiries and bookings. Upon booking confirmation, customers then pay the charges via bank transfer or cash. It also provides insurance coverage to customers for a minimal fee of RM5 as this gives peace of mind to our customers, especially those who own high-end cars.

“Aside from our hotlines, we are also working on getting our Lailah mobile app launched by the end of the year which will make booking even easier than before as the app will feature a very intuitive and responsive interface that anyone could pick up on easily. For updates on our app and other updates, please do follow our social media pages on Facebook and Instagram,” says Paul Jovi.


With Lailah, quality and safety of service is of the utmost importance. All Lailah drivers go through a strict vetting process so that only experienced drivers who have a proven record get selected to drive with Lailah. Once selected, the drivers will go through further extensive training to ensure that they do not fall short of Lailah standards.P

“Our drivers are all carefully screened to ensure they won’t have any prior criminal or drug record, and we only choose the best and most skilled in our jobs. Our aim is to ensure 100% customer satisfaction and beyond for every ride!” said Paul Jovi. 

Mr Paul Jovi

Lailah drivers will come in full uniform and ID tag for easy identification. They’ll follow comprehensive SOPs to ensure maximum security and efficiency of service, and the highest of hygienic standards.  

“For first-time users of our service who might still be a little wary, we want to give them peace of mind, so we place a great deal of importance on how professional our drivers carry themselves and how they deliver. 95% of our first-time users become our regular customers as they find how safe, convenient and reliable our services are, especially our drivers being able to handle any vehicle.” said Paul Jovi. 

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