You name it, they got it online and you are wasting time not selling these top products online!

Here are the top 10 items that made people rich in 2020

Many people are making money online selling these top 10 items that are the 2020 pandemic year best sellers!

Here are the top 10 products, sold online SVP, that made business grow for some people in pandemic year 2020.

Besides the (branded) face masks, the usual masks, the sanitizers sold individually or by big companies, here are the top 8.

We are not going to dabble on the masks or on the sanitizers for now.

8 Hot Products to Sell Online in 2020

  1. Pet Products
  2. Wireless and Bluetooth Products
  3. Shapewear/”BodyCon” Apparel
  4. Travel Accessories
  5. Smartphone Add-ons
  6. Health and Beauty Items
  7. Car Accessories
  8. Jewelry and Non-Apparel Fashion

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Well, this list is a bit too general, right? No worries. We are here to help you decipher the code.

Let’s go one by one and see which are the sub-categories that did well in 2020.


  1. Pet Bed. This pet bed was very popular in 2019 and in 2020 we expect to see its popularity continue to rise with international sales
  2. Dog Seat Cover
  3. Multifunction Biting Toys
  4. Dog Toothbrush
  5. Pet Grooming
  6. Pet Painting
  7. Novelty Cat Beds
  8. Dog Jackets

Bluetooth Speakers/headsets

No doubt about it. Bluetooth got a new growth due to the pandemic. More people switched to Bluetooth speakers and headsets while staying at home.

They spent a lot on these items that made the products number one in the online electronic sale.

Searches on Google for one brand generated a whopping 132,000 hits for Bluetooth speakers.

If you want to make money selling such items, look for Apple products or the popular Gronkball.

The wireless speaker industry is set to grow 10% annually to $31.80 Billion USD by 2023.

In this list, there is also:

Wireless/Bluetooth earbuds, Smart keychains and Smart bulbs. Don’t forget to try pushing energy saving LED bulbs. They are hot too.

Vape / E-Cigarettes

Not surprising at all, Vape/E-cigs took a fair share of success online. Despite all the warnings that smoking can harm your health, people swarmed online to find them.

Vaping is a massive trend in online shopping. Unless you feel guilty, that is you are selling a bad product or product of bad influence, then care to know its sales grew tremendously online.

The vaping and e-cigs industry is expected to grow to $61B by 2025. Do you want to get a little share of that monstrous figure? Go and find who are the best manufacturers.


We will not go further with the BodyCon dress, but see this for trend:

For Muslims all over the world, it is the following:

Headscarves are an all time best seller and catching up in this segment is the Niqab.

Don’t be surprised. People are forced to wear the face mask in many countries, to the point that some are adopting the Niqab.


  • Travel adapters and chargers
  • Backup batteries/powerbanks
  • Baggage trackers and locks
  • Luggage organizers and toiletry bags
  • Neck pillows, sleep masks, and blankets (though we can question this trend because no body is flying out anywhere!)

Smartphone Add-ons

Click on me to find me

Needless to say. This is one piece of tech we can’t do without and the add-ons for some are crucial.

Look at phone cases. They are selling like crazy. The young generation, or the TIK TOKERS I may say, are chasing for these like crazy.

They sell well. If you can get your own designs on these pieces of cakes, you can make a big hit. Trust me!

Phone stands, Smartphone camera lens kits (we will explore them in future), Chargers and cable adaptors are always in demand.

Car Accessories

These are the most selling car accessories:

  • Car mats
  • Steering wheel covers
  • Rear-view cameras
  • Car chargers
  • Phone mounts

Jewellery and Non-Apparel Fashion

This is a very extensive segment.

These Gold hoops are a hell of a best seller. Click me to find me!

  • Minimalist jewelry
  • Gold hoops
  • Enamel pins
  • Hair clips
  • Nail decor

Ask us for more information. We will be obliged to find the best items for sale online for you!

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