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The PH is behind Anwar to form a new government without abandoning the principles and the policies of the grouping

Here are the guidelines for the PH to form a new government

There are a lot of rumours out there that Anwar is working with Najib Razak and Zahid Hamidi. This is not proven true so far and here is what the know

Anwar Ibrahim began the move to form a new government with the approval of the PH Presidential Council.

This was done in March after the formation of the backdoor PN government.

But at that time, Anwar did not get the majority of MPs on his side. There were a lot of manipulations from others.

The PH gave Anwar the full confidence to lead and find the majority needed to restore the mandate of the people.

One problem that has hit the PH during the 22 months in power was that it had lesser Malay MPs while most of them were in opposition. Either with Umno or the PAS.

Thus, Anwar had to find a solution to be able to take back the power. One of the ways was to get more Malay MPs on his side.

On September 23, Anwar told the media he had the majority and the MPs supporting him were mostly Malays.

With this strategic move, Anwar succeeded in getting a majority in Parliament.


The PH also want Anwar to get the majority without comprising the core principles of the grouping.

That is Integrity and respect of law and transparency in his attempt to gain a majority in Parliament.

Anwar also made it clear on Sept 23 that he will not compromise on the principles laid down by the PH.

He told the media the support from the MPs is unconditional, no compromise about anyone who has a case against them.

Once again, the PH is not accepting any party’s en-bloc. There is not going to be an alliance between Umno and PH or PAS and PH. That is not he case here.


It is only individual MPs who want to help the country get out of the political morass it is in that will be allowed to join Anwar in government.

They must accept the principles and the policies laid by the PH.

It is clear that the PH parties will be able to work with Umno MPs who want to give a helping hand to redress the country.

They will also accept MPs who are willing to bring down the backdoor regime which is failing on all fronts, Keadilan sources say.

Their support, the party says, must be unconditional and not attached with any deals to save party leaders from their ordeals.

The basic details here given should dissipate doubts among PH members and supporters.

There are a lot of rumours out there that Anwar is working with Najib Razak and Zahid Hamidi. This is not proven true so far.

The list of MPs supporting Anwar is also a secret. No one really knows it except for a few in Keadilan.


There may still be some PH supporters and members who are skeptical. However, there seem to be no other way for PH to regain power.

With Dr Mahathir Mohamad going rogue and talking against Anwar and Warisan Sabah leader hoping to be PM, things are complicated.

Though PH supporters are somewhat sensitive to work with Umno, given the long history of fights, they may be tamed.

The fact that Anwar is going to be PM would tone their demands down, though they rejected Umno on integrity and trust issues.

They will keep reminding Anwar of the scandals under the Umno. The likes of 1MDB, Felda, Mara, Tabung Haji and the failure of other Malay institutions under Umno.

Everyone seems to know it is a risky deal with Umno MPs but they also know these MPs are putting themselves on the line.

Any faults from them under an Anwar-led government will portray them as the villains.

There is a very thin line for them to walk. They better walk it patiently and with a pure heart.

Othewise the wrath of the reformasi suppoters and perhaps the public in general will be unforgiving.

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