DAP sensational ascension reformasi

Lim Guan Eng, DAP's leader is still interested in supporting some other candidates for PM

DAP owes sensational ascension to the reformasi movement

The Pakatan Harapan should unite behind Anwar to complete the job started with the reformasi movement launched by Anwar

Before the Reformasi movement lashed out on the streets of Kuala Lumpur, the DAP was a small opposition party.

Any party can grow big or grow smaller with time. However, it all depends on a certain events and functions that drives a party up or down.

In the case of the Democratic Action Party when the reformasi fell into its lap.

Elections after elections, the DAP was not a match for the Umno. It was to be an opposition party.

“DAP owes its political ascension to Anwar Ibrahim and the reformasi movement,” says an observer to WFTV.LIVE.

We can’t mention the identity of the observer for good reasons. But this is what he says:

“Without the REFORMASI, DAP will never dream of becoming a mainstream political party!”

It would remain a Chinese Party. But the DAP did the right thing to support Anwar’s REFORMASI. The party gain politically from it.

It grew into the bigger opposition party and tasted power thanks to the Pakatan Harapan, a reformasi platform.


It was not because of Mahathir Mohamad had joined the Pakatan that DAP became part of a government.

We believe without Mahathir, the PH would have done better in 2018. This is because the Bersatu of Mahathir struggled to win seats in the elections.

After they took power, the Bersatu did not weigh much in the by-elections. Its candidate got the biggest trouncing in the Tanjung Piai elections that caused panic among the Cartel and Mahathir’s group.

Nevertheless, the DAP leader Lim Guan Eng seems hell-bent to support another candidate for the PM post.

Recently, Lim said he still believe Shafee Apdal was right for the post, forgetting that Anwar is the reformasi leader.

The observers tells WFTV.LIVE DAP’s honeymoon with Mahathir has raised concerns in PH.

“Instead of solidly backing Anwar through and through, DAP seems to be more interested to kowtow with Mahathir.

“Are they supporting Mahathir’s antic of denying Anwar the Premiership? Rather than helping Anwar to get the numbers, DAP is giving Anwar the ultimatum,

“if you don’t get the numbers, accept Shafie Abdal as Prime Minister. This is so unbecoming!”

The long time partner seems to have forgotten their political debt to Anwar. Debt that are still unpaid.

After Anwar announced he has the numbers, some DAP members are showing their fangs.

They are clearly showing signs of betrayal and the public is smelling the rotten fish.

It is good that with the announcement that Anwar may have the numbers, the DAP is slowly regaining its senses.

At this crucial moment, it is the total support to the reformasi movement and its leader that will count.

“We need a new Malaysia, united and free from racism and religious bigotry. It seems, only Anwar can achieve this.

“Hence, we call on the allies of PH to unite and not to fall for the traps laid by some to divide the union,” says the observer.

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