Amanah Forget Anwar Helping Political Struggle

The Amanah party is still a little party on the national scene and depends on Keadilan for seats

Can Amanah ignore Anwar’s remarkable contribution in their political cause?

The Amanah party is still a small party on the national scene and depends on Keadilan for seats in next elections

It seems convenient for people to forget who helped them in their success and we hope Amanah is not one of them.

There was a time when the local news were highlighting the role of the ‘Erdogans’ in the PAS. But we know they were not friends or allies of Erdogan.

It is the Keadilan leader, Anwar Ibrahim who had links with Turkish President Recep Erdogan.

Using the moniker, the ‘Erdogans’ made the limelight. They were the ones who were aligned to the reformasi principles, not the entire PAS leadership.

Their popularity grew with the use of the ‘reformasi’ slangs. People started calling them the ‘Anwar group’ in the PAS.

Soon, the PAS leadership decided they were a threat and fired them from the party.


Party-less, they needed a platform. But in politics, one just don’t start a party without financial support.

It is good to know where the Amanah sourced its financial needs to create a party. To maintain a party and fight in the 2018 elections cost a lot of money!

The creation of the Amanah was not without Anwar’s blessing. Their sitting on the platform with Anwar helped them.

Just like the DAP, Amanah owes their political ascension to Anwar. This cannot be denied.

Again, we have to maintain that without the REFORMASI, Amanah will be no where.

By creating Amanah, Anwar was thinking of the political strategy of cornering the PAS on its own grounds.

Amanah did not deliver fully in this aspect. We can forgive them for being a ‘new’ party and it is not easy to tackle the PAS.


Amanah was given a lifeline with the seats to contest in the 2018 general elections. Just like the Bersatu of Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

Two new parties expected to garner enough votes to defeat the Barisan-Umno. They did not do a great job. The PH barely won the elections and the BN won the popular votes.

Social media is rife with comments that the Amanah is not loyal to Anwar. People believe it is closer to Mahathir or the DAP.

They say it is in the shadows of the DAP. Actually, more netizens and supporters of PH believe Amanah is not showing enough loyalty to Anwar.

On the other hand, we may also ask whether Amanah is efficient in countering PAS on ‘Islam’ in Malaysia?

“We can ask whether the Amanah feels it is ‘indebted’ to Mahathir for the lucrative government posts it was given?

“If that is the case, what about the debts to Anwar?

“Though Anwar never said this, netizens following this political opportunism drama can smell this rotten politics,” an observer says to WFTV.LIVE.

With Anwar having enough numbers to form a new government there is hope Amanah will solidly support him.

“Get back on track and came back to your senses,” the observer says.

“Put trust in Anwar and do not tie his hands with conditions. Put Mahathir as a ‘has been’ and let him continue with his political vengeance on Anwar.

“We need a new Malaysia, united and free from racism and religious bigotry. It seems, only Anwar can do it.”

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