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The PH is behind Anwar to form a new government without abandoning the principles and the policies of the grouping

Anwar can still weigh in and win this big time

Malaysia needs change and if Anwar has to rethink his strategy from pulling the entire PH into a government to pulling Keadilan in..why not?

In the Game of Thrones, Anwar Ibrahim can still pull a massive stunt and win this big time!

However, it all depends on which manoeuvres he uses to get Muhyiddin Yassin out of the picture.

The Prime Minister is a wounded duck, hit by a no-confidence vote in his attempt to impose emergency rule in Malaysia.

He is still reeling from the massive rebuke and has little room to manoeuvre.

Despite the Umno-BN’s plea to remain in his government, Muhyiddin’s days are numbered.


One thing is clear, the party’s decision to remain with PN is all about the DAP.

It is also because Keadilan is too close to DAP and is not a ‘Malay’ party. Hence, it appears Umno wants a new partner in the Muafakat Nasional.

If Keadilan can show it is more Malay and has more Malay members, Umno may join Anwar.

But Umno will not come alone. All signs show that Umno will also bring the PAS with it.

The PAS cannot work with the DAP. The DAP cannot work with Umno. The Umno can work with Keadilan if it is not with the DAP.

This is the configuration that Anwar should look at, according to the Umno.


According to Najib Razak’s statement on working with Anwar without the DAP, it seems they want a junior partner.

Keadilan alone has 38 MPs + it can pull some independents who will be in its favour.

Umno-BN and PAS has 59 MPs.

The GPS from Sarawak has also made it clear in the past it will not with Keadilan because of the DAP.

The DAP seems to be the stumbling block in Anwar’s bid to be PM. That is according to willing partners from the PN-MN-BN.

GPS has 18 MPs. It will not with DAP but can work with Keadilan. This means there are at least 59 Umno-BN-PAS MPs plus 18 GPS MPs willing to work with Anwar without DAP.

That is 77 MPs who could jump ship just to work with Anwar’s 38+ MPs. That is roughly 115 MPs bonded together.

In all the configurations in Parliament, this seems to be most plausible one. But Anwar will have to let go of Amanah too.

The PAS will not work with Anwar if Amanah is with him. Unless, perhaps Anwar make a peace deal between PAS-Amanah-Keadilan to find a resolution to this problem.

Or Anwar can deal with the Amanah on his own. He knows what to do, I am sure of that!

But 115 MPs will not be enough to run a government smoothly. There are rumours some ex-Keadilan will also jump ship from Bersatu if that happens.

Sure, this will increase the number of MPs supporting Anwar.


Such a deal will either mean the dissolution of the Pakatan Harapan or the pulling out of the Keadilan from PH.

Months ago, we suggested to Anwar that he should pull Keadilan out of the PH. The PH is now a vitriolic grouping.

The DAP is already thinking of kicking Keadilan out. Lim Guan Eng is making statements suggesting DAP and Amanah will not follow Anwar if he is to work with Umno.

But DAP is willing to work with Muhyiddin to vote the Budget and keep him in power until PRU15.

This shows who is not loyal in the PH grouping. This has happened after both DAP and Amanah fell into Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s entrapments.

If Anwar is to use emotions in his political decisions, then Keadilan will remain a duck.

On the onset of the Azmin Ali crisis (re-video), we suggested that Anwar put Azmin on garden leave from Keadilan. This would have meant putting him on leave as Minister also.

Keadilan would then have the choice to get Mahathir to appoint a member as minister.

This did not happen and it acerbated the rot in Keadilan. Emotions are not for a political decision.


This can be part of Anwar’s coalition of the willing. That is members from the PH willing to work with Umno can also be considered in his government.

Since the DAP is willing to forgive Najib if the latter stake a claim to his misgivings, what is Anwar waiting for?

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