Protest budge MSM power

Mauritians in Switzerland demonstrated against the ruling government in Port Louis

A nation-wide protest will not deter MSM and allies

Whether the protest gathers a large crowd or not, the government is not interested in listening to the people’s voice since they are solidly anchored in power!

Mauritians of all walks of life are set to support a movement against the ruling MSM-ML-ex-MMM coalition.

The protest scheduled for today, Saturday 29 August, will take place in Port Louis, the capital city. It is dubbed the ‘Marche citoyenne’ and organised by an activist named Bruneau Laurette.

The latter campaigned for the protection of the seaside and the environment after the Wakashio, a vessel ran aground in Mauritius on coral reefs.

But it is certain the protest will not deter the MSM-ML coalition in power. They are immune to the people’s disgust against their policies.

They are going to ignore all calls by the people and even by experts on their blunders.


The situation in the country is such that even the tainted figures like Ameenah Gurib-Fakim, the first ex-woman President of the country, is speaking out.

This shows how far the country has fallen into disarray.

WFTV.LIVE was not kind to Ameenah Gurib-Fakim for her misgivings during her stint as President.

The scandals, the attempt to twist the situation in her favour that we called a ‘Presidential Coup’ at that time, are still vidid in the people’s mind.

Nevertheless, she is giving full support to the protests against Pravind Jugnauth and his government.

While the two leaders have a bone between them, fact remains the MSM and its leaders are now even more tainted than the ex-President.

Gurib-Fakim said to the local media the population is hurt by the actions of the government, but there is still hope.

She says it is a crisis that is hurting the institutions in the country that has resulted in the population getting fed-up with the regime.


Ameenah Gurib-Fakim mentioned the ‘Mauritian diaspora’ or those living abroad.

A group of Mauritians living in Switzerland demonstrated, demanding that the government protects the shores and the dolphins.

Reports say dead dolphins were spotted on the shores in Mauritius and some say they could have died because of the recent oil spill from the Wakashio.

According to Splash247, CMCC, an Italian NGO which has been monitoring the bunker spill daily, provided an update on August 28.

“Potential oil movements from contaminated beaches at Vieux Gran Port and Ile aux Aigrettes towards South impacting the Mahebourg area and Pointe D’Esny, respectively, will persist.

“The SW transport of part of the beached oil found close to the Wakashio wreck will remain intense,” it says.

The communique adds that much of the southeast coast of the island was still being impacted by the fuel spill.


The Japanese freighter ‘MV Wakashio’ ran aground on Mauritius’ coral reefs on Sunday 25 July

It remained stuck and started breaking apart 13 days later on Thursday 6 August, the hull broke, releasing 1000 of its estimated 4000 tons of heavy bunker fuel.

The spill covered a large swath of pristine water in the Indian Ocean after a large gash started appearing on the side of the broken vessel.


On the other hand, it is clear that no amount of scandals nor the immensity of the scandals will shock the MSM-ML regime.

The government won the last general elections with less than 40% of popular votes that gave them sufficient seats to rule the country.

They have a large majority over the now united opposition and they will continue to rule without hindrence.

Whether the people go to the protest or screams on Facebook, the Jugnauth regime is well anchored at the Government House.

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