Why Trump’s Middle East peace plan fails lamentably

Trump had good thoughts, but the attempt to bait the Muslim world into giving Jerusalem – a sacred city, to the Israelis fails his good intentions

Donald Trump did not have a good idea how the international community work. Without it, he did not have a strong idea on how to craft his foreign policy.

But he had gave a pointers during the campaign leading to his accession to the White House. The biggest was to Make America Great Again.

Yet, details were sketchy on how he will tackle tough subjects like the Middle East quagmire.

Nevertheless in the long run, he got influenced by the State of Israel through the powerful Jewish lobby in the US.


In the plan proposed by Trump in question, he is bogged down with the idea of ‘protecting the Israeli state’.

But he is also dragged into the re-election issues he faces in the US ahead of the 2021 presidential elections.

Winning the vote against the impeachment in the Senate is not surprising, but it will boost his chances. However, that will not be enough. He will need all the support he can get to be re-elected president.

The peace plan, in principle, is the best that an American leader has offered to the Palestinians, minus the major loophole: The Holy City.

He is handing over the Holy City of Jerusalem known as Al-Quds in Islam to the Israelis. This is the reason the entire plan is a failure.

Trump knows no Muslim country will allow such a carving and the handing over of the city to Israel.

It will never happen and it may instead spark another round of conflict that may get out of hands.

There is no peace if Israel occupies and takes over the city of Jerusalem. The reason Gaza and the West Bank still exist on the flanks of Israel is Jerusalem. It is the prized city for Muslims and Israel will never fully occupy it.

Trump is not powerful enough to force the Muslim world to allow Israel to take the city completely.

A Think Tank in China is trying to say the virus is born from polluted air instead of exotic animal consumption…


On the other hand, the Trump plan is facing a dead-end with the incapacity of the US to bring both sides together.

There will be no negotiations on the peace plan offered by the US. Point Blank.

To begin with, Trump knows his ‘peace plan’ is bound to fail.

The fact that they allowed such phrases as this: “It will be up to Israeli and Palestinian leaders to take courageous and bold actions to end the political stalemate,” says it all.

If you propose a peace plan that you cannot implement and you leave it to the belligerent to decide upon, its a total failure!

It shows the incapacity of Trump’s foreign policy makers to really and constructively influence the peace process in the Israel-Gaza conflict.

If you propose a peace plan that you cannot implement and you leave it to the belligerent to decide upon, its a total failure!


He is not the first or the only American president to fall in this trap. Obama was an advocate of America’s need to protect the Jewish country of Israel at all cost.

If one remembers, he was on his way to take office in January 2009 when the Israelis bombarded and invaded Gaza.

It was called the The Gaza War, or Operation Cast Lead by Israel and for the Arabs it was the ‘Gaza Massacre’.

And the Muslim world was not that critical of Obama for his utter silence on this matter. He only broke the silence to lend support to Israel.

But the Muslim world was inconsistent on their criticism of America under Obama. Perhaps they were duped by the fact he has ‘Hussein’ in his name so they thought he was somehow ‘Muslim’?

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