Where is Jho Low?

Watch the video to learn more about this continuing #1mdb saga.

While Mr Najib Razak, ex-PM of Malaysia is facing jail sentencing his protégée Jho Low is on the run.

Said to be hiding in Macau (the latest information from Malaysian police), it seems it is difficult to get him back to Malaysia.

The Chinese authorities, we are told, is hiding him and milking him for his money to protect him.


We are also told he is given Chinese or Hong Kong passport to travel safely to a certain destinations without getting caught.

Malaysia has launched an arrest warrant on Jho Low. The Interpol is also supposed to be looking for him.

But the Chinese embassy in Kuala Lumpur says China is not hiding Jho Low, which observers dismiss as a lie.

Jho Low is also said to be very close to Najib Razak, the fallen Malaysian PM who is convicted of abuse of power and money laundering.

Najib tried to pin the blame for the 1MDB scandal on Jho Low but the latter dismiss all claims, saying he is a victim of his good deeds.

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