What Am I Thinking?

My new blog, my new page. I do not know where it will lead but I hope and wish I can post many things of value here.

What will be of value to you? My experience? My life challenges and how I overcame them? My story?

I doubt anyone wants to read the story of a little-known journalist who survived in the shadows.

My days as a BBC stringer are distant. Few people remember them. I have no evidence, minus some cards and some paycheck that I did not have time to bank in.

These are the only living proofs of my work for the BBC. I don’t remember where I kept them, though.

That is my expression when you ask where is the evidence of my work as a journalist lol

There is not much that I can write and reveal that will shock anyone.

Perhaps some work secrets? Or perhaps my rants or mea culpa?

Nevertheless, I believe if you want to read some nice stuff and get some ideas, perhaps you may come here and read some of my missives.

Who is Kazi Mahmood? Do you really want to know?

Just type my name on Google and all the truth will come out. 🙂

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