We Need More Chef Wan Please!

From slapping Najib to ‘shut up’ Najib, Chef Wan is unrelenting against fallen PM but we need more Chef Wan’s to remind the politicians of their mistakes

From slapping Najib to ‘shut up’ Najib, Chef Wan is unrelenting against fallen PM but we need more Chef Wan’s.

Faced with the massive fraud that rocked the country, it is a surprise that most top guns (under BN’s rule) are still silent on 1MDB or on Najib’s role in the scandal.

Some are openly defending Najib who is now a selfie king.

PAS top gun Nik Abduh Nik Aziz, the son of the Tok Guru of the Islamic party, sees Najib as even more popular than his dad.

But Chef Wan is unabated and relentless in his remarks against the fallen PM.

On Instagram, Chef Wan says he almost came face-to-face with fallen Prime Minister Najib Razak at a Japanese restaurant in the Pavilion Mall at Bukit Bintang, adding, “Ada aku kesah? (Do you think I care?)”

Since the last general elections, the celebrity Malaysian chef asked Najib to face the truth over the 1MDB scandal.

At one point, he said he will slap Najib but quickly apologised though not retracting the ‘slap’ remark.

He even added, “But if we make a big mistake, we must swallow our pride to admit our mistakes as I have done this morning. Yes, I admit I was wrong when I (was possessed by the devil) and got angry!” Redzuawan said.

He also stressed in January that he stood by his criticisms against Najib and Barisan Nasional and that this public apology did not mean that what he previously said was incorrect.

The celebrity Chef could not take it anymore when Najib made a roaring return campaigning for Barisan Nasional in by-elections, particularly at the Cameron Highlands.


The Singapore-born Chef Wan reportedly said he wanted to slap Najib over the latter’s remarks painting the Barisan Nasional leadership as the ‘golden age’ for Felda settlers.

Najib and Chef Wan’s fight grew on social media over the chef’s remarks after receiving the Felda Icon award given to him by Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

The chef called on young Malays to work hard, but the award and the statements from Chef Wan prompted the gullible Najib to ask whether Felda really need an icon?

It sparked off several sarcastic Tweets by Najib but Chef Wan did not wait to attack the ex-PM back with, “You are bound to hear all these unhappy souls bitching behind as in the case of ‘Sour Grapes’. You can never please everyone.”

He says the award would only motivate him to help others.


Two days ago, they almost bumped into each other at a Japanese restaurant in Pavilion.

Chef Wan posted on Instagram that a waiter told him Najib is dining behind him.

“As soon as I sat down, the waiter told me that ‘CW (Chef Wan), Najib is dining behind you la’.

I thought it was a joke, and when I looked inside the room, yes there he was – dining with another guy! Ada aku kesah? (Do you think I care?)” he said on his Instagram account on Friday (July 12), uploading a video of the interaction.

Najib had criticised Chef Wan for allegedly calling Felda settlers “lazy” to which he replied saying the ex-PM intentionally twisted his statement to make him look bad to the public.

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