“We are finally rebuilding our nation” says Trump

Facing impeachment Trump is rallying crowd saying he is finally rebuilding America and people are lucky having him as their President – MAGA!

The U.S. President Donald Trump is confident. He says his government is finally rebuilding the nation.

“We are finally rebuilding our nation. You’re so lucky I became your president” Trump said. The people applause him for that. And observers believe this will be Trump’s main battle-cry for the next Presidential elections.

It is all about the economy while the Dems are fighting over politics. Read a story on this topic here.


An article in the Wall Street Journal says it all. It describes how China got Indonesia’s biggest Muslim organization to ignore Xinjiang rights abuse.

It also explains how the Chinese bought over clerics, scholars and politicians as well as journalists from Indonesia, to tone down the attacks against Muslims in China.

It is a vast operation that is ongoing, and the Indonesians are willing players in a game of demystification. LINK: Wall Street Journal

Millions will not be able to use WhatsApp but Telegram is here!

People using iPhone 5 or below or Android phones from 2010 will not be able to use WhatsApp soon.

In a blog post, WhatsApp says it is removing older smartphones from its list of the compatible devices.

While WhatsApp is going to stop supporting older smartphones, which is a smart move for the Facebook-owned company, there is Telegram!

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