Voting starts in Mauritius general elections amid MSM-ML debacle

Voters are pouring out to go to the polling stations across Mauritius in an election that may make many political casualties.

One thing is certain, observers say, the MSM-ML regime is facing defeat though there is still uncertainty who among the opposition parties may win.

The ruling coalition, headed by Prime Minister Pravind Jugnauth lost ground during the campaign period.

It was hoping a short campaign period would increase its chances, but a series of scandals wreaked their chances.


The MSM-ML debacle is almost certain with the opposition parties, the MMM and the PTR-PMSD pulling huge crowds in their rallies.

In the last day of campaign the MSM-ML took a beating from their opponents and their agents apparently shifted to the MMM.

Reports on the main social media network in Mauritius, Facebook shows a shift in sentiments against the MSM-ML among some voters.

Some people think defeat is waiting for Pravind Jugnauth today in the elections. Others think he may scrape to 3rd place in his constituency.

No major media organisation sees the MMM as winners in today’s polls, but Paul Berenger is certain the party will win these elections.

Navin Ramgoolam, the fallen PM in 2014 is also back in force and sources say he may win big in his constituency. However, some bookies have marked both Pravind and Navin as losers, that they are betting they will lose their seats.

Ballots are counted the next day, on Friday when results will slowly trickle.

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