Venezuela Covid-19 medics dying

Venezuela: Medics are dying in large numbers from Covid-19

The front liners in Venezuela are falling on duty trying to save the large number of Covid-19 victims but they are doing the job without masks and gloves

Venezuela is one country where medics are dying in large numbers from #Covid-19 says the Financial Times.

This is because they are not given sufficient basic protective gear to carry out their duties.

At least 115 health workers have died so far. The front liners are falling on duty.

The report shows how Venezuela is lost in the battle against the pandemic which took the world by surprise and has kept the globe in check for 8 months.

To show how lost Venezuela is, the Financial Times narrate an incident where in April, Andrea Sayago, a bioanalyst in the state of Trujillo, carried out tests on the first patient diagnosed with Covid-19 at her hospital.

“She alerted colleagues via WhatsApp. The next day, according to her lawyers, hospital directors pressured her to resign, saying her message amounted to “terrorism”,” says the paper.

She was arrested after she quit and held for two days before being put in house arrest.


FT disputes the figures put forward by the Venezuelan government.

It says the Nicolas Maduro government says it has the situation under control and the pandemic is not widespread.

But FT says the number of death, or 420 reported by the country, is far too low for the 52,000 cases it says it registered.

The country has 29 million people and is under severe economic sanctions imposed by the U.S.

The Americans are doing all they can to bring down the Venezuelan socialist government, but failed.

FT says the reported Venezuelan death toll is 14 deaths per million people, far lower than in any other big Latin American nation.

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