Valid student visa but jailed

Nigeria student

A student with a valid ‘student’ visa detained following a July 4th raid in Kuala Lumpur died in custody.

Nigerians had an amok moment at the Nigerian Embassy at Ampang Hilir.

But how could a student with a valid visa remain in detention for fleeing during the police raid?

According to Malay Mail, the Immigration Department of Malaysia clarified that Thomas got caught last week after he ‘attempted’ to flee in the raid.

Hence, he did not really get away and caught after a long chase?

The department said Thomas ‘confirmed’ – wonder how he do that – that he was not suffering from any illnesses at the start of his detention.

Is it not for a doctor to confirm that someone is not ill? Or did the report meant that police asked him the routine question of what illness you have and he would reply ‘I don’t have any’ or whether he had chronic sickness?

The question is would any sickness reported would have mattered?

Given medical attention for an old wound, he was in detention for 14 days for further investigation?

His detention is that long though he had a valid passport with a valid student pass?

His actions raised doubts on the authenticity of his student pass…but surely it does not take that long to verify that.

In the Malay Mail article, there are a lot of Public Relations puns like the police ‘treated the detainees well.’

“It is done according to standard operating procedures” throughout the detention.

And Thomas had a seizure during the night but was given ‘immediate medical treatment by a special treatment unit on duty.”

An ambulance was of further assistance at 12.30am before he was verified as dead.

The topic of foreigners getting bad treatment under the Pakatan Harapan government is not new.

Many are fleeing the country – a way of saying it lah – since Pakatan took over.

Their business licenses not renewed. New rules applying to their stay or their companies.

New bank balance required – with tons of money needed to park in that account before getting renewals and so on.

The never ending bullying of foreigners who are still flocking to do business here.

Nevertheless, a young man died in custody and all the good services given in detention did not help him or justify the lengthy detention for a student who had a valid pass.

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