Bank Pembangunan Linkedin Court victory ex-CEO

After two years, Shaharuddin Zainuddin the case against Bank Pembagunan

Users on Linkedin hail court victory of bank pembangunan ex-ceo

People are showing support for the ex-ceo of Bank Pembangunan after he won the case the bank brought against him

KUALA LUMPUR (Sept 12) — Last week saw a massive victory for the former Bank Pembagunan Malaysia chief executive officer Shaharuddin Zainuddin.

The Industrial Court has ordered Bank Pembangunan to pay RM1.81 million to its former employee unfair dismissal by the bank.

Industrial Court chairman Augustine Anthony ruling is that Shaharuddin dismissal was without just cause or excuse.

He says the court was unable to see how he had breached the bank’s policies.


On Linkedin, an online platform that connects the world’s professionals, users are celebrating Shaharuddin victory.

In a post dated last week, a professional hired by Shaharuddin who worked at the bank for 9 months, says she “witnessed the ugliest power struggle,” in this affair.

Shaharuddin was not the only victim in the case. Many of the employees he brought in suffered dearly.

“Hence, 98% of the new hires by him were also unfairly dismissed.” says the post.

It adds that it was exhilarating for the “Old Timers” to send people to the streets.


In one reply to comments by users on the post, the Author says, “In Malaysia, where there is more than 60% Muslims we should be ashamed at all these mal intentions leading to reputational damage. But alas, this is very Melayu and they love to thrive in Hasad Dengki.”

Hasad dengki is in Malay and it means jealousy in English.

Another user commented saying, “Sad thing, too many of this sort pf things happening. Expediency for political gain triumps.”

Others says, “Unfortunately, that’s the corporate world! glad to see justice as a result.”

“Karma.It always comes around. Many more who do unjust things to others will face the wrath of their evils,” says another.

The introduction to the post on Linkedin reads as follows:

“More than two years ago, I was hired by him. Unfortunately, two days before I joined the organisation, he was escorted out of the building by force. Then, allegations after allegations came down like an avalanche with no end. I witnessed the ugliest Power Struggle!

“His case took more than two years to be settled as many tactical delays were played. But in the end, justice prevailed.”


Shaharuddin’s appointment as president and group CEO on Sept 7, 2017.

It was for a fixed-term contract of three years expiring on Sept 10, 2020.

The bank terminated his employment less than a year after his appointment citing concerns including a supposed lack of due diligence in relation to political donations.

The bank also alleged that Shaharuddin had abused his position and acted without authority from the bank in certain affairs.

There were other allegations of abuse of position and breach of duty.

In court, Shaharuddin’s claim was that his dismissal was swift.

He says the bank was gaining attention from the Pakatan Harapan government after the 14th general election.

He also says the regime’s target was the GLCs, mainly their boards and the past transactions undertaken by them.

Sources say the case against the ex-CEO by the bank actually started well before the Pakatan Haparan took power.

Reports say the bank may appeal against the judgement.

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