Trump’s leave the country call not unique to USA, Malaysia is also one

Trump called on those unhappy with his reign to leave the country a call not unique to America since Malaysia, Mauritius people are also doing the same

The entire world seems on a roll, with leaders calling on citizens to leave their countries if they are not happy. And this is not only an American thing.

President Donald Trump is heating up his campaign against Democrats attacking coloured elected reps including Ilhan Omar.

He tweeted saying << He does not know where they come from >> and asked them to leave the country.

In his usual style, he says, << Leave the country if you are not happy >> while asking a reporter to keep quiet.

This is a phenomenon that was prominent in Malaysia under the Barisan Nasional rule.

Some ministers and ruling party members would constantly call upon citizens to leave the country if they were not happy under the coalition’s rule.

The Barisan Nasional has since then been defeated and is now a weaker group in opposition.

But the sentiment relayed by the leaders when they were in power did not die down in the country.

The call for some citizens to leave Malaysia is still pretty much alive on Social Media networks.

The same call is now heard in tiny Republic, Mauritius, which is far down there in the Indian Ocean.

Social Media users are calling on some who are complaining about the nastiest regime in power for decades in the country to leave.

Some are saying they should go back to Pakistan or some Muslim countries where they will be happier.

Others are asking some to go and live in India where the BJP under PM Narendra Modi has staged a virulent anti-Muslim campaign.

<< It is the country where Muslim bashing and rape of anything that moves is statutory >>

In Malaysia, a recent spark in calls for some people to leave the country and go establish themselves in << Extremist >> Saudi Arabia were seen on Twitter.

Controversial lawyer Siti Kasim last month on Twitter says:

<< This woman works in Ireland? I think the Irish government ought to take note of this. She should go and work in Saudi if she thinks the system in Ireland is not for her.

The question is since when a citizen has no right to complain or voice their own views?

Well, that is since social media came into the picture, dude.

Nevertheless, the call to ask people to leave their own country for some reason others do not agree with is an easy way out.

Perhaps the countries, like the USA, should make arrangements for their coloured citizens to leave the country and establish abroad?

For that, they could vote in Congress and get some funds to relocate these << unhappy >> citizens.


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