Troubled at home Trump needs Jewish lobby to survive?

Trump has to resolve issues at home and one way is to press for a peace plan to satisfy the powerful Jewish-Israeli lobby in Washington

President Donald Trump won the vote, a tight one, in the Senate ending the impeachment attempt by the Democrats.

But this does not put a shine on his doomed peace deal in the Middle East.

My question is what motivated Trump to push out this crazy ‘peace’ deal in the Middle East?

Taking away Jerusalem or Baitul Maqdis from Muslims is the very core of the long-standing Israeli-Muslim conflict.

Obviously Trump ignored this fact. He is not Muslim, he is not Jewish – though he pretends to be one at times – and he knows not what is the Middle East.

Trump, like other American presidents and politicians who follow Christianity fails to understand the importance of Jerusalem.

It is as important to them as to the Muslims and Jews. It is not a city that should be given to one of these communities for absolute control.


For Trump’s peace plan to be successful, he has to carve out the handing over of Jerusalem to the Israelis.

In his peace plan, Trump and his ill-advised personnel says Jerusalem will remain the capital of Israel.

Since its annexation of East Jerusalem, Israel is struggling to seek formal international recognition of Jerusalem as is capital.

The Muslim world will not accept this and the United Nations has not given in on pressure to accept Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

The decision of a UN Member State, the US, to recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, violates international law.

This also violates all relevant UN resolutions. But as we know it, no one can punish the US for this. However, the US will never get its way on the matter. Its a lose-lose situation for Trump in the Middle East.

To succeed, he has to carve out Jerusalem from the peace plan and accept that it is a mistake to support Israel on this matter.


To begin with, Trump did not consult the Palestinians and the Muslims on the peace plan. He pushed the plan out without a consensus.

He believes there is no need for a consensus when dealing with an international matter. But he will soon realise this is not about a ‘trade war’ with China.

A peace plan needs a consensus. However, he dealt with the Israelis prior to the conception of the peace plan.

Why did he do that?

Trump has two hidden problems in the US.

1. The Jews.

2. The Muslims.

The Jews are infinite minority but powerful in political dealings and in they hold the money. Trump is a billionaire but its useless if you do not have the Jewish lobby on your side.

They are powerful enough to get you elected if you are running for president.

Ironically, the deal offered to Palestinians is to appease the Jews in the US from thinking Trump will abandon Israel.

Israel is carved from Palestinian lands and the US support for Israel makes it the enemy in most of the Muslim world.

For Trump, this is not a problem. What happens in the Middle East with the attacks against Muslim targets will not bring him down as president.

But not giving the Israelis lobby what it wants, that is Jerusalem as the capital city of Jerusalem will be costly for Trump.


The deal appears to be in favour of Israel and seem to deny the Palestinians their rights when it comes to Jerusalem.

But look at the facts in the Palestinian conflict: First of all, Palestine is an ongoing conflict without a solution.

The Trump peace plan is not a solution as long as it emboldens Israel in taking over Jerusalem.

In this case, even the mighty USA is unable to solve this thorny issue.

The Palestinians, and the Muslims, are not pro-US or pro-Israel. They believe the US is anti-Palestine with the deal.

To be fair, Trump, needs the jewish lobby and money to get all the votes from the pro-Israeli and anti=Muslim voters in the US. This is now a decades old sentiment in US politics.

This shows how insignificant are the Muslim voters for Trump in the US. The Muslim population in the US is growing rapidly. They may become the second-largest religious group in the US.

But they are still only an estimated 3.45 million in 2017. it will reach an estimated  8.1 million in 2050.

But the fact remains the Jewish population is—by religious influence— the second largest in the US. Though the Muslims may surpass them by 2050, Trump do not have to worry about that.

But he will dampen the anti-Trump sentiment among Muslims by allowing more Muslims to live in the US. The campaign has been on for sometime now.

The US is allowing more Muslims in than every before. And this is an attempt to separate the Palestinian issue from the issue of ‘Islam’ in the United States.

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