Mahathir, PH Prime Minister meeting with PN leaders well before the collapse of his regime in Feb 2020

This is how Mahathir’s three part strategy is working

A former political secretary of Mahathir who jumped ship to the PN accuses the elderly statesman of masterminding the ‘Sheraton move’ to stop Anwar and the DAP

In an exclusive article for the Malaysia Top News portal, WFTV.LIVE writes on Fallen PM Mahathir Mohamad’s strategy since he met with PKR leader Anwar Ibrahim in July 2016.

Below we list the main points of the article that appears today on MTN. Click here for the article in full: Mahathir’s three part strategy is working

The analysis is based on the extraordinary allegations by the former political secretary of Dr Mahathir, Muhammad Zahid Md Arip and this is not small matter.

Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s former political secretary has on many occasions said the former prime minister had asked PPBM leaders to “find ways” of exiting Pakatan Harapan, reducing the reliance on DAP and indicated he did not want Anwar Ibrahim to be PM.

He said it in May, three months after the formation of the PN backdoor government and repeated the same accusations during a debate at the Dewan Negara.

“I had even arranged for several leaders from other Malay parties to meet Tun (Mahathir) at his house.

“Sometimes, their meetings lasted over an hour,” he said in a video interview to the local media then.


In the column, we say the first of the three part strategy was to join Anwar and rope the PKR in an alliance with Bersatu. The aim was to defeat Najib Razak, then PM of Malaysia.

This strategy became successful in May 2018 after the PH defeated the BN in the general elections, giving Mahathir the chance to become PM again after a 15 year’s absence.

Once he took control of the country, Mahathir rolled out the second part of the strategy: Get rid of the DAP and of Anwar. To achieve that he head to break the PH.

In the run-up to the infamous Sheraton move, Mahathir was caught meeting with opposition members and leaders on a regular basis.

He defended his actions by saying as Prime Minister he has the right to meet with anyone. The PH members failed to smell the frog and were instead caught napping.

A famous picture showing all the current PN leaders meeting with Mahathir at his house is the evidence the former pol-sec is perhaps telling the truth.


With the Bersatu pull out from the Pakatan coalition, followed the resignation or the expulsion of Azmin Ali and his group of 11 MPs from the PKR.

The loss of almost 30 MPs cause the PH government to crumble. The pullout of the MPs from the ruling coalition happened after Mahathir announced his resignation as PM.

He attempted to form a new government without parties in a coalition of MPs but failed to garner majority support, thus the King of Malaysia nominated Muhyiddin Yassin as the new Prime Minister of Malaysia.


The aim of Mahathir resigning was surely to get the Malay MPs in the Parliament to support him as PM. When they failed to give him the support, his initial idea of uniting the Malays failed.

But it is Mahathir’s last battle, that is to unite the Malays under one roof or one party or get most of the big Malay parties to unite in one coalition. He succeeded in this mission but not with him as PM.

This is the only bone he has against the current PM who overtook him and surprised him when he took the post of PM in February.

Mahathir wants Muhyiddin Yassin out as PM so that he can take over, but the Pakatan Harapan (especially the PKR and Anwar Ibrahim) has had enough of his antics.

Read the analysis in full on Malaysia Top News below:

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