The haze: Its toll on me

Picture Above: This has been the morning Sun for the past weeks. Today it is brighter!

The haze has been around for weeks now. We started reporting on them in the Independent Singapore portal when it was obvious there was no escape from the polluted air.

I do not know why governments seem to be stubborn in facilitating the death of many with a pollution problem.

The way the Indonesian ministers acts during the haze period is simply appalling.

The fact the country rejects all outside help is cause for concern. Perhaps the problem is deeper than we think and they do not want the rest of the world to know what they are doing?

Dizzy, Headache…

Today I woke up in a groggy state. I feel dizzy; It slows me down, and it’s like I have no real bites left in me.

Last night, I had to take some pills to clear my chest of some heavyweight. I realise now it was this feeling of a heavy stone in the chest that was causing the little breathlessness.

I am still struggling with a headache. I am stubborn too. I do not want to swallow a Panadol, not yet!

The point of the matter is we are facing a serious threat in Kuala Lumpur with the haze that has blanketed the entire country.

Some sources of the smog are from Malaysia’s Borneo Island, but I sincerely believe a large percentage is from Indonesia’s land fires.

This is how hazy it is when I drive around these days

Sitting in my small room at home, I can smell the ‘rubber’ in the air. Indonesian politicians will say it is our imagination, or they gave us 10 months of clean air so we should not complain.

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  1. Yes i agree, this pollution is a real threat to our young ones. A man made climate problem, which everyone one seems to be avoiding. I say held hold the governments responsible & bring us some justice !!

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