PMO approves return of BioECorp under MESTECC


According to sources, the Prime Minister’s office has decided to reverse a decision on BioECorp.

The organisation is now under the Ministry of Agriculture but a memo sent to PM Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad urged the PMO to invalidate the change.

They want it back to the MESTECC and a letter from the PMO suggests Dr Mahathir’s approval in principle for the move away from the MoA.

The source told The Independent Malaysia the PMO has effectively reversed the decision but there are hurdles.

“Dato’ Badariah, SUSK YAB PM issued a letter to both MoA and MESTECC informing of the PMO’s decision and instructed the relevant parties for the necessary actions to be taken.


“The instructions were copied to KSN. KSN is now asking for justification from MESTECC on why they want BioECorp to return to them,” says the source.

The source says the move to the MoA was wrong because bio-economy has a lot to do with science and it is appropriate for the organisation to be under MESTECC.

“We do not understand why it is going through a lot of queries when the PMO has already given its approval on the matter,” says the source.

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