Obama escaped impeachment over Libya massacre

The U.S. is on its toes, watching the impeachment proceedings against President Trump and many says it is a farce while only the Dems believe it will work

The U.S. President Donald Trump is facing impeachment in Congress. But before him, Barack Obama faced an impeachment attempt.

Obama was accused of “high crimes and misdemeanours.” The Republicans believed he was good for impeachment.

However, Obama escaped. A resolution charging him with authorizing military action in Libya was not brought up for a vote.

It was in 2012 and Republican Representative Walter Jones submitted a House resolution against Obama.

The resolution was referred to the Judiciary Committee where it was never brought up for a vote. 

Impeachment is the process in which the Judiciary Committee levels charges against a government official.

In this case, it is against Trump, the President of the United States.

Nevertheless, the funny thing is the impeachment does not remove the person from office.

The Senate has to vote on the impeachment accusations, and it must approve the move with a three-quarter majority.


Watch this video here from the House Judiciary Committee:

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