Muhyiddin Abused Power Bersatu Mahathir

Muhyiddin abused power in struggle for Bersatu, says Dr Mahathir

In a first salvo against Muhyiddin Yassin, the Prime Minister of Malaysia, Dr Mahathir says the latter acted ilegally, bullied party members

Fallen PM Tun Mahathir Mohamad says Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin seized the Bersatu party in a rogue manner, bullying its members in the process.

Mahathir says it in no uncertain terms, calling Muhyddin a ‘deceitful’ leader altogether.

“The way Tan Sri pursued the post of Prime Minister is by deceiving the people after promising to fight for their ambitions.

“When Tan Sri became the Prime Minister he abused power to gain support (in Parliament) by offering high-paying positions to anyone who pledges to support him.

“If the post no longer exists, then a new post of Ministerial status is created for supporters. Those who are not willing to support, are deprived of (Bersatu) membership and position,” Mahathir writes on his blog.

The blog post appeared today and is titled ‘USUL TIDAK PERCAYA KEPADA YAB PERDANA MENTERI‘.

The ex-PM says since he cannot get his motion of no confidence against the PM to be debated in Parliament, he is doing the dissertation on his blog instead.

About the Bersatu, he says the Prime Minister has bullied the people from top level to the grass root in order to gain a strong grip on the party.

He says this is an abuse of power and it is against the rules guiding the formation of political parties in the country.

“This act violates the laws of the party body because apart from not supporting Tan Sri they (the members fires) did not violate any party rules.

“Threats are made to anyone who protests.”

Tun Dr Mahathir mohamad on chedet.cc


On Bersatu’s decision to leave PH, Mahathir says he urged the party not to do so. But Muhyiddin had already cemented the deal between Bersatu, Umno and the PAS at the Sheraton Hotel.

“I have asked Bersatu to postpone this plan but Tan Sri Muhyiddin has strengthened Bersatu’s relationship with UMNO and PAS at the Sheraton Hotel to celebrate the coalition between them.

Indeed, the way the YB Pagoh (The constituency where Muhyiddin is elected as a Bersatu MP) became Prime Minister is very embarrassing, Mahathir adds.

“It has never happened until now in Malaysia. He himself admitted that the PN government was not a government chosen by the people.”

Mahathir explained that he was not ready to accept Umno as a whole in the Bersatu, but was willing to work with the members of the party that were clean.

But Zahid Hamidi, the Umno leader only wanted the party to join a coalition with Bersatu. He did not want to bring the Umno MPs to become members of Bersatu.



With the posting, it is clear Mahathir is trying to force Muhyiddin to agree to debate the no-confidence motion in Parliament.

Muhyiddin has a slim majority of 113 MPs or lesser against 109 for the opposition in Parliament.

Putting the motion to vote will probably see it defeated by the 113 MPs unless Mahathir is plotting with some MPs from the government to vote against Muhyiddin.

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