General Elections: Why the MMM is the key to power?

  • By DF, Port Louis, Mauritius

Recent resignations from the MMM of 5 members sent a shockwave of sympathy towards the party of Paul Berenger throughout the population.

Many observers concluded this is due to politicians swapping sides for the sole purpose of being in power.

Soon after the resignations, videos of the resigned members flooded social media where they can be heard showering Paul Berenger with praise.

The reasons they put forward were far fetched but again the fact they switched allegiance as soon after they left Berenger and they started praising Pravin Jugnauth lends credit to the theory of greed.

The reaction of the Mauritians has however been interesting to interpret.

In view of the coming elections, the situation seems more and more complicated and the different parties seem to be doomed for a one-on-one battle on the political field.

If the statements of NCR is analyzed, “politique de rupture” seems to be a slogan that will be put forward and applied in the Labour’s campaign.

In 2005, Ramgoolam assembled many small parties to form the “Alliance sociale” but in 2019, he is more daring and looks to be focusing only on 60 PTR candidates.

The maths is simple for NCR, logically why should he accommodate a party and then run the risk of becoming a hostage of that party in the event the election results are tight? NCR being a fine politician has already looked far ahead.

Remake of 2008

The strategy of the PTR will be similar to the 2008 regional elections towards the MMM. In constituencies 17,19,20 and 14, the PTR is likely to advise their activists to favour MMM members. With 12 elected members, the MMM would be the perfect ally for the PTR post-election.

Ramgoolam knows that Berenger being a man of honour will repay his help by agreeing to form the next government.

The PTR is likely to get 40 members elected alone. Should this number be less, the PTR will ally to the MMM after the elections.

However, many observers find it difficult that the MSM will elect more than 8 members.

The same observers should be reminded that the Mighty PTR of 2014 has today only 5 Mps in parliament. Vox populi. Vox Dei.

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