Mauritius highlighted by Wikileaks, this time in Namibian bribery

The company promised to build infra, create jobs with proceeds in fishing business but used its corporate entities outside Namibia to divert its cash stash

The Mauritian Financial services got exposed again, this time in a Namibian bribery and corruption schemes

Wikileaks, on Nov 12, published over 30,000 documents it obtained from a whistleblower within a company called Samherji.

The company is a multinational fishing company based in Iceland.

They expose corrupt schemes by the company in Namibia to gain access to rich fishing grounds off the African country’s shores.

The documents dated from 2010 to 2016 shows Samherji, now the highest single fishing recipient of fishing quotas in Namibia used Mauritius to transfer hush money out of the country.

Millions of dollars were spent in pay-offs to senior Namibian officials and politicians in order to ensure a growing and continued access to the country’s resources, the documents reveal.

The company promised it will use part of its proceeds to create jobs in Nambia and build infrastructure. But instead, the company used its international corporate structure to transfer proceeds from the operations straight out of the country.

“This was done through intermediaries it controls in Cyprus and in the tax-haven of Mauritius,” said the documents.

The Namibian authorities sought assistance with the investigation from their counterparts in Dubai, Mauritius, Cyprus, Norway and Iceland.

The company has a turnover in excess of $700 million.

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