Malaysia witnessing chaotic end of reign of Dr M

The end of the reign of Dr Mahathir Mohamad is chaotic and tumultuous. One that generations will remember.

It is now clear that Dr Mahathir got caught in an imbroglio of nasty political machinations.

He gambled and paid a heavy price. It is also good to learn that betraying the people who put him iN Putrajaya as Prime Minister in 2018 was a fatal mistake.

Today, his party, the Bersatu announced it is proposing Muhyiddin Yassin as Prime Minister.

Muhyiddin vs Anwar?

A showdown that was expected to feature Mahathir against Anwar Ibrahim, the man he promised to hand power is now between Anwar and Muhyiddin.

But instead of keeping the promises, he resigned without giving Anwar the post of PM.

This sent Malaysia on a roller-coaster crisis, with the entire nation gripped by the sudden political developments.

Mahathir made history in the Muslim world in 2003 when he resigned as PM. It is rare to see a Muslim leader commanding such power leave office.

They usually stay in office until death. But Mahathir set a new standard. He became more famous after he left power.

Sought by anti-war figures across the globe, he became an icon for the criminalization of war.

But the itch for power grabbed him when he got dissatisfied with the performances of his protege Najib Razak.

Najib’s Nightmare

The son of his best friend and Prime Minister Tun Razak, Najib got caught in a dragnet of money laundering and money siphoning.

While Najib became infamously known as the ‘Cash is King’ PM, Mahathir sets the stage for a shocking defeat of the long-standing ruling coalition, the Barisan Nasional.

The defeat of the BN was engineered by Mahathir but he had to seek help from Anwar Ibrahim, the man he hated in 1998.

Mahathir made an extraordinary effort to meet Anwar in court. Anwar was fighting against another sodomy conviction pinned on him by the Najib regime.

He was freed by another PM appointed by Mahathir, Abdullah Badawi, in 2004. This got Dr M into a fury as he did not want Anwar freed. But he was not the PM of the day.

Betraying Anwar!

But it is his daylight betrayal of Anwar that has brought Mahathir to a desolating end of his career!

WFTV had warned Dr M he will be defeated this time if tried to betray Anwar. He is now defeated in the most ignominious manner.

No one would have thought Mahathir would be outsmarted by his own party members. But karma has also caught up with the veteran politician.

The party hoppers from the PKR who betrayed their leader Anwar Ibrahim has dumped him.

Mahathir thought they would give him blind support in his bid to destroy Anwar for good. But it is his political career that ends here with a betrayal he never dreamt of.

This is the end of the Mahathir era and Malaysia will get a new PM on Monday unless they decide to go to the polls.

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