Killer Robots on the loose? War made easier for rich countries!

You watched movies with robots fighting mankind and surely the Terminator movies come to mind.

But the reality of an army of robots invading a country and destroying its military and infrastructure is not farfetched.

Technology is making it possible for armed forces to get their own ‘Terminators’ to fight their wars.

Recently, Russia sent an armed robot into space. It will replace humans in doing some tricky and dangerous jobs up there.

This is only the beginning.

Death staring at you in a war zone where robots replaces the enemy soldiers Death staring at you in a war zone where robots replaces the enemy soldiers

At this very moment, the U.S. is testing a revolutionary weapons technology.

The U.S. is testing boats using high-tech gear to sense their surroundings, communicate with one another.

They can automatically position themselves to, in theory, aim .50-caliber machine guns to fire a steady stream of bullets to protect troops landing on a beach.

This, we are told, is the beginning of a new era of warfare technology only the rich nations can have.

These nations are the U.S., Europe, China and Russia.

This is part of a Marine Corps program called Sea Mob. Its intent is to show that vessels could soon undertake lethal assaults without a direct human hand at the helm.

AI is the answer

The development of AI-infused systems allows the military to field machines capable of going on the offensive. They can pick targets and take lethal action without direct human input.

The Atlantic says researchers at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore got a computer network to identify 1.2 million images.

The computer then tried to identify all the pictured objects in just 90 seconds, or 0.000075 seconds an image. Which is much faster than a human brain.

Lucky for us humans, the system identified objects correctly only 58 percent of the time. For the military, this is a rate that would be catastrophic on a battlefield.

The army has a challenge: create an image recognition and data processing system for a faster, more precise, less human kind of warfare.


The U.S. army is building tanks that can smartly pick targets and point a gun at them.

It is also developing a missile system, called the Joint Air-to-Ground Missile (JAGM).

The army ordered 1,051 of those. It has the ability to pick out vehicles to attack without humans ordering it or programming it to do so.

The U.S. Air Force is working on a pilotless version of its F-16 fighter jet. This is part of the “SkyBorg” program.

The army is working on plans to develop an AI skydrone The army is working on plans to develop an AI skydrone

Under the Skyborg program, F-35 and F-15EX jets could control drone sidekicks.

It is called a ‘drone wingmen’ which has built-in Artificial Intelligence.

The drone would train and learn alongside pilots, or possibly be incorporated into a manned fighter cockpit. It may also act as an assistant to the pilot like R2-D2 in the “Star Wars” films.

Israelis are ahead

In the 1990s Israel built an AI-infused drone called the HARPY.

It happily hovers over an area and independently attacks radar systems; the country has since sold it to China and others.

Meanwhile, the Arab and Muslim world is still in the stone age of military tech.

They are after all they are peaceful nations and would not want to develop such techs.

It is inhuman, to the least, to get robots to kill humans on a battlefield.

Cowardice would say the ISIS, which is waiting for man-to-man fights with U.S. and European soldiers.

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