Home Invasion: Are thieves put-off by smoke?

Anti-thief fog protects the house…an innovative way to get thieves away from your house?

Are you worried about robberies and home invasions? Here’s a smokey way to put-off thieves.

Once they break into your house, the security system you install will trigger a ‘fog machine’ that will discharge fog (for real).

The discharge happens within seconds of a break-in. The intention is to block an intruder’s vision. With the room or house foggy, the intruder cannot see much.

It prevents them from stealing your valuables. The fog will persist in the room for up to 1 hour.

During that time, law enforcement officers will surely arrive at your doorstep.

But then, this is not what we have in Malaysia or Singapore. Not even in Mauritius.

Note that the fog is harmless and is not residual. The security system is discreet, installed behind walls or above ceilings for both commercial and home use.

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