Dubai police postpones magical Tesla car debut

Dubai police made early announcement it will use Tesla’s Cybertruck but had to contend it will only get it after 2020!

Lately, the name Cybertruck, the latest car unit from Tesla, made several appearances in various news outlets.

The launch of Cybertruck by the electric car manufacturer in the U.S. went viral on social media because of its unique design.

This car has a size large enough to impress, but its high endurance is imposing.

And the buzz was in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, where the police say it will start using Cybertruck as a police car in 2020.

Perhaps the use of supercars by the Dubai police is not new since the police force is known for its fancy-looking vehicles.

The people of Dubai is familiar with the police using luxury cars and fast cars. It became a tourist attraction with tourists taking pictures or videos with policewomen emerging from the supercars.

Dubai police have used the Lamborghini Aventador, Bugatti Veyron, Porsche 918, and others.

As for the Cybertruck itself, it has a price tag starting from $ 39,900 for the lowest-cheapest version.

However, wait a minute! it looks like the Dubai government has to postpone its plans for the Cybertruck.

It has to wait until 2021 to be able to flash these cars around because Tesla announced mass production of the cars will only begin in 2021.

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