Corruption: Right-hand man of Mauritius PM gets nine months jail

Prakash Maunthrooa, the man who dominated the behind the scene in local politics, is going to jail but will Jugnauth save him?

The right-hand man of the Mauritius Prime Minister Prakash Maunthrooa got a nine-months jail sentence today in a corruption case.

Maunthrooa, an ex-director of the Mauritius Port Authority and Siddick Chady an ex-President of the authority were charged in the Boskalis case.

Both got nine months of a jail sentence for complicity and for taking bribes.

Moreover, the verdict was pronounced by Magistrate Wendy Rangan at the Intermediate Court today morning.

On Nov 13, the court said they were guilty in the allocation of a contract to the Dutch firm Boskalis International in 2006.

Maunthrooa is not an ordinary citizen. He is a top guy in the Pravind Jugnauth entourage and a powerful person in the government circles.

He says he finds the sentencing harsh and a confident Maunthrooa says he will allow his lawyers to take the next step.

The question is whether the sentencing will be reduced to ‘community services’ as was the case for the PM?

Not to mention he is seen as the right man of the Mauritius PM Jugnauth.

The case involves a contract in the port estimated about Rupees 439 million for works in the port area.

According to the prosecution, Boskalis granted bribes amounting to Rs 3 million to the former boss of the port. This, with the complicity of Maunthrooa.

In the meantime, both are appealing against the sentencing.

Mr Chady claims the nine months prison sentence is exaggerated. However, netizens are saying they should be handed nine years instead.

In comments to the local media, Mr Chady says it is an abuse adding, “I do not know in which country I am living.”

The sentencing is « for use of his office as Chairman of the MPA to obtain, from a company with which the Mauritius Ports Authority had a contract, the transfer of money ».

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