Can they fire Trump? What will be the global consequences?

Can the Democrats fire President Donald Trump and what will be the global consequences of his firing? Or are the Dems in bed with Xi Jinping?

Can the Democrats fire President Donald Trump and what will be the global consequences of his firing?

While the Dems are looking at a political ‘revenge’ against Trump, there are a few points to consider in their attempt to fire him.

The impeachment move will need a vote in the House of Representatives and in the Senate. And here is the scenario:

While there are enough Democrats in the House of Representatives to vote for his impeachment, the Dems are in minority in the Senate.

This is how the Americans voted in the last round of elections and it will help Trump. If no Republicans vote against him in the Senate, he will remain as President.

In the Congress (House of Representatives) the Dems have 225 members in the 435-seat House. Their vote will initiate impeachment proceedings.

But there are not enough Dems in the Senate. Alas for them. They need Two-thirds majority to demote Trump and remove him from the White House.

There are 100 senators and the dems need 67 votes (what is known as a “supermajority”) to eliminate Trump. But only 46 are Democrats. They need 21 Republicans to vote with them to fire Trump.

At this stage, the Dems seems to be on a rocky road and a defeat of their impeachment is looking good for Trump.

Global Dimensions

Well, if they cannot really, really, fire the President, then why are we still talking of the ‘global dimensions’ of the ‘impeachment’?

We believe there are external forces at play in the impeachment moves by the Dems.

First of all, the Dems does not seem to understand the implications of removing Trump from power.

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Either they are power-hungry or they are truly stupid. Removing Trump will keep a Republican in power. The Vice-President will be the ‘designated’ man to take over.

Mike Pence, the number two at the White House will then become President of the USA. That is if they manage to fire Trump. Which we think they won’t.

Yet, for the Dems in the eyes of the American public, it is the politically correct thing to do.

But it is one that will have dire consequences for the U.S. Why?

China for that matter will explode a nuclear bomb in its backyard to celebrate the demise of the Trump administration.

That means the Dems will be handing the Chinese a great victory. There will be no trade war and no bashing of the Chinese economy.

China will be freed from Trumpism! But that also means the U.S. may end up a heavy consumer of Chinese goods that may flood into the American market with rage.

The middle-class Americans may then enjoy the cheaper Chinese goods, foods and services at cheaper prices.

Losing the ‘trade war’ will deal a blow to the U.S. and the Dems does not seem to have a clue, or are they in bed with Xi Jinping?

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