Betrayers left Dr Mahathir in limbo

With plots to undermine Anwar Ibrahim and pit him against Dr Mahathir, the cartel thought they had won but the PH Council meeting last Friday killed their hopes…

The Harapan came to power giving hope that Malaysia will reform and grow exponentially but betrayers were within.

They manoeuvred and tricked while using the name of the PM Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad to create chaos.

In the ensuing battle within the PH, the betrayers from PKR and Bersatu tried to pit Anwar Ibrahim against Dr Mahathir.

They almost succeeded. A WFTV source reveals how Ministers in the government concocted the plot.

Anwar Ibrahim’s absence from the cabinet lineup of Dr Mahathir makes it easier for the plotters.

He does not have regular access to the PM, he does not know what they discuss in the Cabinet. Or so they thought.

The plotters from both the Bersatu (Dr Mahathir’s party) and the PKR (Anwar Ibrahim’s party) want Dr Mahathir to believe Anwar is evil.

On the other hand, some of the plotters tried to coax Anwar into believing Dr Mahathir was betraying him.


The situation became intolerable within the PKR in particular with ministers abandoning the party for their posts in government.

They did not show up for party meetings while they attended Dr Mahathir’s party events.

They shunned the PKR events too. Giving Dr Mahathir the impression it is Anwar’s ‘clan’ that was shooing them away.

But the change of heart from both Anwar and Mahathir came with the Azmin’s tapes.

The video clips show a man looking like the ex-Minister of Economic Affairs Azmin Ali having gay sex with a PKR member.

This shocked both Anwar and Mahathir.

But even more troublesome was the stance taken by Dr Mahathir. He believed the videos were fake. He insisted that with technology, anyone would appear in such videos while they never participated in such vile acts.

But pressure mounted on Azmin after Haziq  Abdullah Abdul Aziz declared he was the other man in the videos.

There were several video clips published on YouTube and circulating on WhatsApp groups.


It is Anwar Ibrahim’s show of patience in handling the Azmin tapes that gave him the edge, say the source.

Instead of listening to everyone to fire Azmin—because most people believe it was him in the tapes—Anwar tolerated him.

But this stance would come out to be the right one. It was a master manoeuvering, says the source.

Anwar started to push Azmin on the edge, getting the party to call him for meetings.

Anwar then urges the cartel to attend party meetings. Their arrogance started to show.

Instead, they tried to coax Anwar into meeting them outside the party meetings. They presented themselves as ‘top guns’ being ministers while Anwar was not a minister.

Anwar showed even more patience towards them. He did not want to axe 20 plus members, including Ministers, from the party.

His aim was to give them a chance to come back to the fold and to unite. But they were adamant and showed their nasty nature instead.


It is the PKR Congress that broke the back of the resistance within the PKR, says the source.

Anwar’s patience and his handling of the rogue elements got him in trouble with some PKR leaders. But they trusted him in the end. They did not create more problems in the party.

The fact that Anwar is not in the cabinet gave the ‘cartel’ chosen by Mahathir, much room to move against their leader.

They remained closer to the Bersatu, hoping that Dr Mahathir would believe them and renege on Anwar. But their intransigence to listen to their leader Anwar opened Dr Mahathir’s eyes.

When Bersatu and the cartel came with the idea to work with Umno and PAS as a whole, it frightened Mahathir.

The nonagenarian must have been thinking deeply whether he could trust Azmin and gang and his own party? Or whether he should open up to the Anwar group?

The PKR congress, a massive success for Anwar Ibrahim, made it clear that he had groundswell support.

The grassroots was behind his leadership. The party was firmly behind him. All the talks of support for Anwar were finally proven at the congress.

The men and women in the cartel were booed and some were knocked by angry protestors in the party.

This showed Dr Mahathir who was the boss in the biggest governing faction in the Harapan.


The source says it last week’s PH Presidential Council meeting that gave Mahathir the signal.

Anwar Ibrahim had a large majority of the members of the PH behind him. From the PKR to Amanah and the DAP, the men and women roared in favour of Anwar.

Yet, they played their cards well. They showed their frustrations at the division in the PH and the attempts to create a new government.

Dr Mahathir, who do not like to lose, saw that he was in the minority in the PH Council.

He could not impose his will. The cartel and the Bersatu had assured him he had the majority.

They made him believe Anwar was the bad guy and would turn him down on Friday last.

Instead, Anwar played well offering Mahathir to stay on as PM until Nov 2020. But they imposed Nov as the last date for him to be in office.

The cartel had started the talks with a proposal that Mahathir should remain the PM forever. This shocked Anwar but it also shocked Mahathir that they were actually the minority.

All the while, says the source, they made the PM believe they had 100% control of the PH machinery. They did not. Anwar was the boss.

It is the PH Presidential Council Meeting and the PKR Congress that broke the back of the ‘cartel’ in the PKR.

Mahathir also got to know what the Bersatu was about.

That is its people were greedy. They were forcing him to abandon his promises made to Anwar.

They used his name to get the Umno-PAS to believe Mahathir was ready to form a new ‘Bersatu-Umno-PAS-PKR breakaway’ government.

After the Friday massacre against the cartel and the Bersatu at the PH meeting, they rallied the Umno-PAS to show Mahathir they had support from the opposition.

But Mahathir did tell them he is not going to work with the crooks and corrupt MPs from the Umno.

With the Umno and PAS in force with Azmin and gang, Mahathir had no choice but to quit.

But it is not over yet. What is the next move by Dr Mahathir? With news that PH still has a majority in the Parliament, we expect the chaos to end soon.

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